¡şInduction Heat Theory
High/Medium Frequency
Induction Heating System
Induction Heat Theory
Induction Heater (12~500 kw)
Heat treatment Equipment
Vertical type
Horizontal type
Cooling System And Chiller
Induction Cap Sealing Machine
Sealing Theory / Induction Seals
Induction Shrink Fit Tooling
Induction Forging & Melting Furnace
¡½ Surface hardening treatment
Vehicle industry such as crankshaft, camshaft, port chamber, port, startup gear, port hopper, peach spindle,
gear wheel, transmission shaft, wheel axle, gear-shift box, small gear for gear bar of diversion mechanism,
guide screw, card an shaft knot, knot of ball bearings, clevis, oil-pressure shaft of shock absorbing system,
blade spring and bolts, oil pump etc.
Precise industry such as guide screw of machine tools, slide way, perch, various wheel shaft, transmission
shaft, hand tools , precise tools, chain saw sheet, local heat-treatment of another specified works and irreg-
ular works etc.
¡¯ Heat-treatment before forging
¡EHigh strength bolt, port, gear, ball bearings knot, linked shaft, hand tools etc.
¡¯ Another application
¡EAnnealing, temper, fusing, artificial diamond-making, piping, the other high speed heating.
¡¯ Research and development of technology
Because we have heat-treatment process workshop, we can provide quantified solution and perform test and
simulation before build new equipment.
With the dual role of customer and supplier, we can understand the need of users sufficiently and design the
best heat-treatment equipments, which conform to the real demand.
¡¯ Control of quality and quantity
Each batch of products will be sampled and verify via scientific instruments whether they reach to the quality
and quantity demand, which complete exclude the obscure condition of guess work. This dependable concept
is workable on supply of heat-treatment equipments and OEM works simultaneously.
¡¯ Process development
We develop verification report software independently, which is compatible with Windows 95(optional item),
together with the following inspection material:
(1) Analyzer of metallographic organization (optional)
(2) Sclerometer (optional)
(3) Flaw detection of magnetic powder
To help test factory of heat-treatment perform control of quality and quantity, monitor seriously quality change
of each batch of products, visualize map and report to exhibit hardness distribution, hardening depth and hard-
ness of each part explicitly and promote efficiency of production and management in workshop.
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