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TW Pat. No.I272233 U.S. Pat. No.7337644 CN. Pat. No.ZL200720001900.3 JP Pat. No.3131409
¡½ Horizontal Induction Heat Treatment Equipment Description
¡EThe horizontal induction heating equipment is suitable for various parts, such as ball screws and round
¡@bars, etc. Applicable bar sizes are 16-150mm. in diameter and 800-7,000 mm. in length.
¡ETABLE: Equipped with NC control or touch-sensing screen. Control brands may be specified. Emplo-
¡@ys roller and servo drive combined with the use of deformation control to achieve high accuracy and
¡@high stability heat treatment.
¡EConsists of a high frequency power unit, table, internal circulated water cooling system and a quench
¡@cooling system.
¡EEmploys a hydraulic / pneumatic system and servo drive system to achieve high accuracy and autom-
¡@ated operation.
¡EThe internal circulated cooling system should meet the requirements of the working piece. An enclosed
¡@circulation system will achieve accurate and stable cooling performance. Water tank capacity is
¡@125~1,000 L. Heat exchanger 200,000~800,000 BTU. Pump (3-10HP). All pipes are manufactured
¡@from SUS material for rusting-free and no jamming in circuit.
¡EThe quench cooling system is designed to meet the requirement of working piece. The circulated coo-
¡@lant tank capacity is 500~2,000 L. Heat exchanger 200,000~600,000 BTU. Pump (3-10HP). The coo-
¡@ling system can filtrate oxidized iron powder and oil and features constant temperature control.
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