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TW Pat. No.219229 U.S. Pat. No.6846256
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¡½ HF- 3000 Stainless Made Induction Cap Sealer for Production Line
¡¯ All Stainless Setting, High Power Output Induction Cap Sealing
¡@ The newest cap sealing machine has special features that are high power output and stainless made all set. The
¡@ high power output let you could finish sealing in short time. Which specially suit for customers who need to
¡@ seal the bottle in short time. All set made by stainless stand, English/Chinese LCD monitor display, foil dete-
¡@ ctor with total sum calculation, and power adjustment let you could more convenient using our machine. The
¡@ easy operation let you could use it in the laboratory and clean room.
MODEL HF-3000 ( Conveyor ) HF-3000 ( Stainless Stand )
Power Output Max 3000W Max 3000W
Input Voltage 220V / 1ph 220V / 1ph
Max. Current 18A 18A
Cap Diameter 16-60mm / 16-80mm / 60-120mm 16-60mm / 16-80mm / 60-120mm
Belt Speed : Max: 15m/min x
Cooling System Liquid Cooled Liquid Cooled
Generator Type MOS-FET MOS-FET
Frequency(KHZ) 40-100 40-100
Generator Size 48x38x160 cm 48x38x160 cm
Measurement 116x152x190 cm 98x60x180 cm
N.W. / G.W. 140 / 300 kg 100 / 210 kg
¡¯ Special customized cap size acceptable
¡¯ All specifications,design and characteristices shown on the website are subject to change without prior notice.
¡@ ¡DFast and efficient. The induction heating foil seals tightly without being affected by moisture, grease or pow-
¡@ ¡@der contamination on sealing area.
¡@ ¡DThe detector checks the presence of foil. It sends a signal when foil is missed in a certain cap. This prevents
¡@ ¡@unsealed products from being delivered.
¡@ ¡DSafe in use. The cap sealing machine is built with protection circuit to protect against electric current overlo-
¡@ ¡@ad, voltage overload and output overload.
¡@ ¡DEasy and simple to use. All functions of cap sealing machine are clearly labeled on the display panel, which is
¡@ ¡@convenient to access.
¡@ ¡DModular component design minimizes maintenance requirements.
¡@ ¡DA broad range of applications can be simply setup by button control.
¡@ ¡DQuick adapters on power and control wires provide easy replacement.
¡@ ¡DThe IGBT/MOS-FET module provides high efficiency, low power consumption and long service life.
¡@ ¡DHeight of electro-magnetic induction coil is adjustable and flexible for a range of bottle heights.
¡@ ¡DEmploys European plastic steel chain block, combined with standardized accessories, for long service life.
¡@ ¡DSuitable for non-metal containers, such as glass or plastic bottles, such as ABS, PE(HDPE,LDPE), PET, PP
¡@ ¡@, PS, PVC.
¡@ ¡DSuitable for screw caps, tamper-proof caps, etc.
¡@ ¡DSuitable for any product in the container:
¡@ ¡@A: Medicine-Powder, Lotion, Capsule, Ingot...
¡@ ¡@B: Cosmetic-Skimmed milk, Lotion...
¡@ ¡@C: Beverages-Water, Milk, Juice, Yogurt...
¡@ ¡@D: Chemical-Alcohol, Cleaner...
¡@ ¡@E: Food-Jelly, Fish food...
¡@ ¡@F: Others-Engine oil, Machine oil...
¡@ ¡DBottle cap O.D.: 16~120mm (Special customized cap size acceptable)
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